Friday, July 15, 2011

TFP Column: Debt Ceiling Debate - Harrumph!

Get out the popcorn boys and girls, cause this week's effort for the TFP connects some classics of the big screen with the big doings in Washington DC. Of course it all started when I realized that the national debt was like the creature in 1958's "The Blob". It's an amorphous creature that grows to astounding proportions by sucking the life out of everything it touches (you know, like government). Once such insight had been reached, this weeks effort for the TFP, "Debt Ceiling Debate - Harrumph!", was off to the races. One aspect after another in the debate lent themselves to movie classic movie references, with a classic ending from an even more classic Mel Brooks effort. And while I will tell you in confidence that I am rather proud of my poor attempt to write by referencing cinematic culture (something Editor-in-Chief Michael Miller does far better than I), it would be both foolish and disingenuous not to admit that there will be far more (and far better) in this weekend's edition of the TFP than my struggling effort. My recommendation therefore would be to spend a little time with both the print and the website editions of Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and Best Weekly Newspaper, the Toledo Free Press.

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