Monday, July 18, 2011

TFP Column: More or Less

There appears to be a fundamental question that hangs over the discussions going on in Washington that must be completed before the August 2nd deadline. Unfortunately this critical question seems to have been ignored by most of those charged with answering it. Once an answer is reached, the rest certainly appears to be a matter of details. (Astronomical numbers of tedious and annoying details, as only government can create them, but details nonetheless.)
While attempting to provide no direct answers myself, I think that a reasonable person could discern the way that I am leaning through this latest attempt at putting my two cents in on the debate raging in Congress over raising the debt ceiling in this country. Editor-in-Chief Michael was kind enough to add "More or Less" to the TFP website today for your edification.
Since it's only Monday, this leaves both the mid-week TFP Star edition as well as the regular weekend edition to look forward to.
It promises to be a warm week in Toledo, and a stifling one in Kansas City. My recommendation would be to find a cool spot with Wi-Fi and spend a little time with Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and Best Weekly Newspaper, the Toledo Free Press

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