Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving Day

The end of April fast approaches, and this year it finds me in the final stages of packing. It seems that it's once more imperative to relocate the headquarters of Just Blowing Smoke Inc (perhaps all that smoke is getting to the neighbors); to an undisclosed location in a nondescript building somewhere near downtown Mission, Kansas. 
While not overly concerned with the efforts required by an experience that has become all too familiar in my recent past, it will present some minor inconveniences that must be dealt with. 

For example, since "Just Blowing Smoke" is in fact a web log, posting might prove a bit of a challenge until my Internet connection is properly re-establish. I have already scheduled the installation of a new rack of servers to handle increased bandwidth requirements, fiber optic and wireless connectivity for all of the access terminals, and a massive satellite dish to insure that I will have direct access to the worldwide network of information that's the heartbeat of the organization. (OK, I scheduled an evil cable company to come in and get me hooked up.) I'm also thinking it might also help to get my desk, chair, and computer moved; but I could be wrong on that. (Oh my God, I just realized I could be without Facebook for over 24 hours! What will I do? What will I do?) 

Of course, being forced to take a short break does in theory allow me to recharge my batteries and perhaps even acquire greater skill with which to dazzle my small (and some would say rather twisted) audience. The truth of the matter is that by now, this audience is probably even more in need of a break from my efforts than I am. 

This is not the end of "Just Blowing Smoke" however, but just a minor interruption in service (no matter how many might hope for it). While I will probably manage a mid-week post, it's doubtful that I will produce anything during the weekend of the move. I look forward to finally becoming settled in the new digs, to once again becoming electronically connected to family and friends, and to once more holding forth on issues large and small in the way that only I can ... badly. Until then, smoke 'em if you got 'em ...

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Roland Hansen said...

Amigo Tim,
I have come to wonder (not wander) if you are indeed a nomad in disguise. JK. Enjoy your new digs.
Let's ride!