Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Stuck on Stupid" Dictionary #25

I know that it has been far too long since proper additions to this reference tome have been made, but it appears that the humble scribbler in charge of such work often suffers from almost criminal laziness. While there is apparently no cure for this condition, occasionally beating of the wretch does seem to reap positive results from time to time. 

Now for those of you who have somehow managed to miss previous postings in this area (shame on you, now go back and read all of the postings under the title of dictionary), the SOS dictionary is a reference guide to terms which nominally mean something to the rest of the English speaking world, but appear to mean something entirely different to those us understand the vernacular of Toledo and Northwest Ohio. 

1. Statements given or actions taken that are at variance with previous statements or actions. 
2. Declaring "exigent circumstances" and requesting a give back from city labor unions in March, only to fail to reject a fact finder report giving one of those unions a 17% raise and 8.5% pension pick up the following August. (See Fiscal Responsibility) 
3. Raising trash fees in an attempt at city budget balancing in March only to increase the cost of picking up trash in the city through contract negotiation with refuse workers later that same year. (See Stupidity)