Thursday, August 26, 2010

TFP Column: The Arizona Solution

Frustration with the constant discussion of the attempt to build an Islamic Cultural Center (or mosque if you will) within the shadow of where the towers of the World Trade Center fell as the result of an attack on this country by Islamic terrorists led to this week's offering in the Toledo Free Press. At some point, I realized that much of the discussion was not only off point, but pointless; as this situation is going to be decided, not based on the thoughts and feelings of those across the country, but by politicians and bureaucrats in New York City.

That doesn't mean that people around the country should not have strong feelings or opinions on the subject however, or that they should not feel free to voice them. Thinking about how best to utilize that voice to influence the ultimate decision led me to "The Arizona Solution". I hope that it leaves you with a different perspective on the subject and points to a way to make it count.

I suspect however that even if my poor effort fails to garner your interest, that you will find more than enough to pique your curiosity or your enthusiasm in this weekend's edition of the TFP. Then again, there's always something in Toledo's largest Sunday circulation newspaper to do that.

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mud_rake said...

I'll be looking for your use of the term, political demagoguery, in the article.