Friday, October 23, 2009

TFP Column: Paranoia Indeed

I have once again been honored by having a column printed in the Toledo Free Press. This weekend's effort "Paranoia Indeed", tries to answer some of the very literate, but equally wrong efforts of fellow columnist Don Burnard in that same publication. 

The fact that Tom Pounds and Michael Miller see fit to put such efforts from opposite ends of the political spectrum in this publication speaks volumes of their desire to see at least one level playing field in the media of the city of Toledo. 

As always, there is much more to see and to read in the TFP, and with the prospect of inclement weather for most of the weekend, little excuse not to dive right into it. 
(I need to pass on a special thank you this week to Lisa Renee of Glass City Jungle, who fact checks much of what goes in to the TFP and helped me to clarify a part of this week's column.)


Dawn Wolf said...

That has got to be gratifying being published again.

Tim Higgins said...

Dawn Wolf,

I am grateful each and every time that the TFP publishes my nonsense.