Monday, November 17, 2008

TFP Column: COSI II - The Wrath of Con


I was incorrect in my earlier posting on my submissions to the latest edition of the Toledo Free Press, when stating that I would have a column in this week's edition. In fact I have two pieces in this week. I spoke to Michael Miller about the dangers that such a large dose of my particular brand of nonsense might have, and I was assured that my previous submissions had already probably immunized TFP readers to any potential contamination. (Besides, what would make me think that anyone was actually reading anything that I had written anyway.)

The first of these columns is on a continuing subject of interest to me - COSI, is posted in the exclusively online version of the TFP. If not informative, you may find it at least amusing. The second has to do with my review of the Election of 2008, and what it's results means to me. This particular bit of wisdom will be available in only the print edition this publication.

If you visit the TFP website to read one or both of these offerings, I again remind you to avail yourself of the additional wisdom contained there again this week, as there are much smarter people than me who have worked very hard in attempting to keep you informed about Toledo and Northwest Ohio.


Hooda Thunkit said...


Can I have your autograph?

I would cherish a memento of your greatness/genius from "the early years..."

I am in awe!


Tim Higgins said...


Some of my genius, huh. OK

What does everyone like a little of but no one likes a smart one?

As for the autograph, everyone knows that I don't know how to write and that all of my postings (and columns are ghost written). Didn't you get the memo?

Mariner said...

Post needs to be included on Wiki under the definition of "vacuous."

Tim Higgins said...


I looked the word vacuous up just to make sure that I would not duplicate my previous error:

1) emptied of or lacking content
2) marked by lack of ideas or intelligence : stupid , inane
3) devoid of serious occupation - idle

Perhaps therefore my posting was vacuous, though it strikes me that often content and intelligence, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder.