Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Political Pundit?


As I mentioned in an earlier posting today, I will be commenting throughout the afternoon and evening on Election 2008 for the Toledo Free Press. This is my first time attempting such a thing, so I have no idea what the results will be. It could get rather lively however, so I invite you to check it out as you are sifting through the evening's nonsense. I will try and update this Commentary with some regularity as the evening progresses. 

Note: As I have little or no respect for most political pundits, there is a certain amount of shame involved with the acceptance of this assignment. It is only because it was The Free Press that asked, and because of those who I will be sharing this responsibility with (Brian Wilson, Lisa Renee Ward, Chris Myers, Jim Blue, and Jim Harpen) that I am feeling brave enough to make the attempt. 


Dawn said...

My opinion: A Muslim Foreigner will NEVER be MY president....wish I could spit in his smug Frankenstein-looking face!!!!

Antipelagian said...

You must be an official political pundit...Brian Wilson mentioned your blog on his show yesterday (in a positive way, no less).

Tim Higgins said...


I don't know if Brian's mention certified my status, but Brian was one of those working on this project for the Free Press as well, so that might have something to do with it.

I have met Brian on a number of occasions and we share a love of wine (especially a certain Napa vineyard). He has also steered me to some reading material as well that I am more that a little grateful for. Knowing of the exalted circles that he travels in and his disdain for blogging and bloggers, any comment that he makes about me or this blog that doesn't include a disparaging remark is appreciated.