Friday, November 21, 2008

TFP Column: Big 3 Bailout


The TFP website was down earlier in the day and is evidently slowly rebuilding, so the column is not currently available. I will update this again when all things are back up and running. (Geez, I hope it wasn't my stuff that broke it.)

Once again, the Toledo Free Press has will be sharing with an unsuspecting public, information that I feel is also worth sharing with you here on Just Blowing Smoke. This week's column, on the Big 3 Bailout may prove of interest to you.

As always, while at the TFP website make sure to check out everything in the online edition and become fully informed and enlightened on the week's events in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.


Mariner said...

Congrats Curmudgeon! My grey haired sainted mother used to say that good things come to those who wait. Have smart-ass comment on the first time a young lady receives remuneration for services, but its the holiday season and that would be too corn-fed, back-water Toledo to mention. Sincerely, hope its the first in a long series of such events for you.

Tim Higgins said...

My thanks Mariner. I believe that I have waited quite a while (having been born about the time that movable type was invented) and that I understand your story. I agree that we are no longer arguing about what I am, but merely the price.

On the other hand, I am neither young nor a lady, and in this economy one should never turn down remuneration.