Thursday, April 10, 2008

WARNING: Postings May Be More Illogical Than They Appear

I realized today that my next two postings will be made while attending the national convention / trade show of the newspaper industry. This would not normally be anything of concern, except that this year the conference will be in the "Logic Free Zone" of Washington, DC. The parent organization of my industry felt that having it in the nation's capital would make a statement to the government. 

(With attendance down for a number of reasons that I will not bore you with, I think it likely that the only statement made will be to show their current reduced state; but that's just me.)  
The point here is that while I have already written these two postings, there is no telling what influence that this "Bermuda Triangle" of insanity and illogic may have in the last minute editing that I have been known to do to these pieces. While I was still breathing the free air of the Midwest, I felt that I should warn readers of the potential consequences of exposure to this environment. I vow to resist the atmosphere of socialism, solipsism, semantic non sequitur, and just plain silliness of this region as best I can.  

(No I will not explain the previous sentence. You will just have to look these terms up and figure it out for yourselves.)


Hooda Thunkit said...

Oh dear, I suddenly feel the need to be concerned for your sensibilities, being surrounded by the heathens the way that you are.

Please resist the urge to surrender to your surroundings, should you become overwhelmed by the onslaught of illogic.


("Oh Dear" is by no means a salutation as I hardly know you Tim; it was meant as an expression of concern...)


Tim Higgins said...


I understand your low-key sentiments completely. As of this response, I have reached the logic free capital of the free world. Having had my shots for the trip I feel relatively unconcerned.

I am sure that as those innoculations take hold, that the occasional urges that I have to pay for things with other people's money will pass.