Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9 / 11

I tried really hard to keep from commenting on the 9/11 ceremonies today, but as day turns into night, I find that I can't. I don't have the time for my normal process of writing and editing that I would normally take in a posting in the hopes of getting it right, so I hope that you will all be patient with me as I spew out a few random thoughts on the subject.  

* The heroic efforts of firefighters and police officers on this day, along with the subsequent efforts of the rescue workers, should serve as a constant source of inspiration to all of us.  

* The heroic efforts of the troops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and every other country where they are serving should not be denigrated by the political wrangling currently going on. This self-serving catering to the radical political left is shameful to the point of being traitorous.  

* Speaking of traitors... Anyone who belongs, financially supports, or is in any way involved with the organization moveon.org should consider themselves the scum of the Earth. The right to free speech is guaranteed in this country, but the methods that are being used here by this organization bring a new low to the concept of free speech in this country. 

* The statements by the families of some of the victims in the time leading up to this anniversary that they are concerned that the attention that 9/11 brought to them seems to be gone strikes me as the rankest form of self-promotion, and it sickens me. Your losses were tragic, but this attempt to remain in the spotlight is exactly the kind of thing that takes away from the incredible sacrifice that you and your families made. Complaints about how quickly the memorials are going up or how the money in the settlements was determined demean that sacrifice.  

* The additional claims now made by the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing that they would like the same kind of settlement fund as the victims of 9/11 strikes me as pandering and just another example of people trying to seek "victim-hood" and claim their slice of the pie. Should every victim of every crime get a free winning lottery ticket ... I don't think so.  

* The failure of the media to show the video of the planes crashing into the towers for fear that it is too violent or will affect the families of the victims is a pretty transparent sham. They don't want to show it because the patriotic spirit and determination to root out the perpetrators of this crime that the video inspires favors the conservative point of view and the Republican Party. Lord only knows that this is something that the liberal media would do anything to avoid - even to showing the facts. 

* The shameful performance of Democratic Congressmen and Senators this week dealing with General Patreus during this same period only highlights a determination to force partisan politics into every subject from a group of people who claimed to want 'bi-partisan' effort when they took control.  

This is a legitimate tragedy in our country's history. So too were the sacrifices made by Americans in every war that this country has ever fought, and believe me this is a war. We need to be careful now that we do not trade the celebration of the lives of those who passed in this latest battle for the "feel good" BS that has become so much a part of our current culture. The wearing of ribbons, candlelight ceremonies, and political speeches have no place in the concept that we need to keep strong and vigilant in a battle that is yet being fought. We need to remember 9/11, and Pearl Harbor, and the Alamo, and Valley Forge for that matter. We also need to get past hanging our head in sorrow, lest we fail to see the enemy still in front of us.  

I apologize for a pretty negative rant in a blog that I try to keep on a lighter note. I will attempt to get back to the frivolity, absurdity, and trivial nonsense that you probably expect of me when I post tomorrow.


Maggie Thurber said...

I appreciate your comments!

Sometimes, fivolity takes a back seat to things things that need to be said.

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