Monday, July 8, 2013

TFP Column: Re-Defining Terms

My writing efforts were recently sidetracked for reasons beyond my control.  An unexpected medical condition put me in a position where I was unable to contribute.  Strangely enough, that same condition was the source of this week's return effort for the TFP.

"Re-Defining Terms" came about this weekend in my first return to writing, and talks about the shifting meaning that words can have based on our most recent experiences.  Since this effort will be going in early, that means that there will be plenty to follow, not only with the mid-week 'Star' Edition, but with the weekend edition coming.

Summer is fully upon us however, so anyone who wants to know what going on in Toledo and Northwest Ohio will be reading Toledo's largest circulation Sunday and Ohio's best weekly newspaper for the last four years, the Toledo Free Press.


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