Thursday, July 25, 2013

TFP Column: Phony Scandals

Having given up on even the vaguest attempt at governing, the President once again went back on the campaign trail.  Not only does he apparently need to be out there continuing to sell a law that was passed years ago (The Affordable Healthcare Act) that he's deciding to selectively implement and selectively delay others; but it also seems to be that time of year for him to once again 'pivot on jobs' in this country.  

Now the President has pivoted so many times in the last five years that someone should call a traveling foul, but I'm not sure the NBA even makes that call anymore.  What I would really like to know however, is why he and his press minion Jay Carney continue talking about some supposed distractions to real efforts that the President would like to make, which they're calling "Phony Scandals".  Now perhaps I've missed something in my take on these transgressions and Mr. Carney can enlighten all of us.  Better still, maybe he could just provide the answers to the burning questions attached to them and put them all to rest.  I however, have yet to find anything spurious about them.

Since I'm dealing with something that may in fact be dubious (little surprise there), you will be gratified to realize there will be much more to come as we reach the weekend publication of the largest Sunday circulation newspaper in Northwest Ohio, and Ohio's best weekly paper for the last four years.  Of course I'm talking about nothing less than "The Toledo Free Press".


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