Monday, October 15, 2012

TFP Column: They Know Where You Are

The problem with a tin foil hat is that periodically you have to take it out of the closet and see if it still fits.  Such might believe this to be such a case, with the subject I bring up in this weekend's TFP effort, "They Know Where You Are".  

On the other hand, how else would you look at the federal government providing funding to local law enforcement agencies to install cameras on their cars to take pictures of your license plates, while noting the time and location of your vehicle and store that information ... until they need it.  No crime, no warrant, no judges order; just a history of everywhere you've been every time one of these vehicles crosses your path.

I'd like to tell you more about the subject, but I need to peel back a corner of the foil on my window (not my head) and take a peek out there for the black helicopters that I can hear from my desk.  Before everyone becomes as paranoid as I sometimes get, maybe they should take a bit of time to read everything that's available in the largest Sunday circulation newspaper in Toledo, and Ohio's best newspaper for the last four years running, the Toledo Free Press.


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Roland Hansen said...

George Orwell was ahead of his time.