Monday, October 22, 2012

TFP Column: Consumer Protection Act

It may well be early in the week that an effort of mine is appearing in the TFP, but "Consumer Protection Act" is in fact a timely warning for those of you looking at levies on the ballot in two weeks.

Many have called this next election a defining one, but they're talking about changes in the direction of the ship of state in Washington and not about the local level.  There is a convergence however, in that citizens will be asked to vote about whether they are willing to exchange personal freedom and personal responsibility for continued or enhanced protection from the government for any and every poor personal choice made.  How this is decided may well have an impact on corporations as well as people (something I go into).

Since it is so early, I have no idea what might be ahead in either the mid-week 'Star' edition or next weekend's; but I do know that the only way you'll be able to keep up (whether in popular culture or in news and events) is to keep your eyes open for Toledo's largest circulation Sunday newspaper ... which, for the fourth year in a row also happens to be Ohio's best weekly newspaper, The Toledo Free Press.  


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