Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vote of Confidence: Chapter 19

OK people this is it, the last piece of the puzzle has been fit into place and Chapter 19 (along with the Epilogue) of "Vote of Confidence" is now up on the VOC website for review and comment.  That this effort should be completed on April Fool's Day is strangely fitting, as well as a happy coincidence.

I have previously described this story as “A twisted tale of Life, Politics, and what some might consider cruelty to animals”, but any of you who have followed along on this little journey know that none of these accusations has or in fact can be proven in a court of law. (Though it comes into question at the end of the tale, depending on your definition of what constitutes 'cruelty.')

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has followed along with this rather twisted tale.  I hope that it provided as much amusement and entertainment for you as it did fun for me.

I can't say that I am ready to take up the effort to write something of over 300 pages again (unless someone is paying me to do so), but I can say that it has always been my goal to complete such an effort and see it read, and that I'm very happy to have been able to do so.

Thanks again for playing along ...

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