Friday, February 19, 2010

TFP Column: Political Position Confusion

The weekend is upon us yet again, and with it comes another of my efforts for the Toledo Free Press. In this week's column, "Political Position Confusion", I take a look at the high stakes game of Professional Politics and how confusing player identification is becoming. 

I know that it wasn't always this way, as those in the legislature in colonial days performed what was known at the time as "citizen service". These days however, it appears to be both a sport ... no difference than baseball, football, or hockey; and a giant corporation, with a management ladder to climb. Like both professional sports and big business, politicians can earn substantial rewards if they can only make it into 'The Bigs". At any rate, I hope you enjoy it. 

There is once more a lot going on in the city of Toledo this week, and the Toledo Free Press is probably your best opportunity to catch up on it.

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