Monday, January 11, 2010

Signs of the Apocalypse

I am forced to admit that signs of the dark clouds of doom may be appearing on the horizon, and signs of the Apocalypse are becoming visible. Though I try not to be prone to excess (in spite of the fact that one should take moderation in moderation), one can believe little else when you hear:
  • Mark McGuire has admitted to using steroids while playing baseball!
  • Jay Leno may go back to late night TV and Conan O'Brien may leave NBC!
(In the spirit of full faith and disclosure, I have to admit that I have never watch American Idol, but have been a victim of second hand exposure from time to time.) 

I may have to get out the old sandwich board with "The End Is Near" on it.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Amigo Tim,

I have to take exception to these events as signs of the Apocalyse, in that I would interpret them as momentary blips of craziness righting themselves.

(For the record I do not admit to having watched Simon Cowell's "antics, but have only second-hand knowledge of them.

I do not watch what has been referred to (loosely) as baseball.

But, I am an occasional fan and watcher of Mr. Leno's entertainment and think that he is actually very good at what he does.

(Time for lights out and the obligatory cell check..., nighty night.)

Roland Hansen said...

Mi Amigos, Tim and Dave,

Another sign:

Rumor has it that The Three Amigos (TH, HT(DZ), and RH) may be the next composition of the Board of the Lucas County of Commissioners.

I have a better idea: How about a shadow government for Lucas County? I wonder what Jay, Conan, and Simon would say to that?

What an idea for a local talk show!

Tim Higgins said...

Amigo Dave,

No aspersions on Mr Leno, but when you leave the Tonight Show, you leave it.

Amigo Roland,

In the words of LBJ, "If nominated I will not run. If elected, I will not serve."

I have too much respect for the principle of elected office to shame it with participation.

As for entertainment, I thought that there already was a show called "Two and a Half Men" (I'm the half).


Roland Hansen said...

Wait just a second there, Tim,

Given my stature - or perhaps I should state - height or lack thereof and previous labels assigned to me because of it thereon, I have first dibs on that one-half designation.

We will triumph regardless of our standing (or falling down) in the Lucas County community.
Let's Ride!