Sunday, January 24, 2010

Modern Culture #1: SyFy Movie Plots

While many of the things that I write could be considered a commentary on modern society, I decided today to add a periodic feature with the above listed title simply to mention ideas that pop into my head (and there is usually plenty of empty space for them to do so). I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

I was watching a few movies on the new SyFy channel (Evidently you can't call this the Sci-Fi channel any more since wrestling was added to the network, which I suppose means that the fiction has little to do with science outside of steroid use). After watching a couple of these questionable efforts, I couldn't help but notice some similarities of the plots. 

See if you recognize this one: A group of people are stranded in the woods (or on an island, or in a house). They include at least one attractive woman in tight clothing who is extremely vain and doesn't have much on the ball, one clumsy but humorous male character who is equally shallow and clueless, one smart but ethically challenged character (often a scientist), one handsome man with hidden strengths and leadership abilities, and one woman who is attractive and smart and comes to realize that she enjoys the company of the handsome man. 

Unfortunately, the place that they are trapped in / on has one additional and not particularly attractive feature, that being that there is either a creature of some kind that has decided that human beings are on the menu, or there is an evil human (or human-like creature) who doesn't seem to enjoy having company. 

One by one, the visitors to the location fall victim to the creature or creatures (usually in particularly unattractive and grizzly ways) until only the handsome man and the smart, attractive woman are left. Somehow, in a relatively unexpected way, using only their native intelligence and a lot of luck, they manage to escape and/or kill their nemesis. 

Realizing then that they now care for each other a great deal; they ride, sail, or walk off into the sunset to live the rest of their lives in hopefully in a happier fashion than they were previously able to do, now much wiser than they were before. 

 Come to think of it, this actually sounds surprisingly like one of the plots from wrestling ... or maybe it was one of those reality shows. It kind of makes you wonder which came first ... or more importantly, why you keep watching.

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