Friday, March 20, 2009

TFP Column: All The News Fit to Find

I have been somewhat remiss in letting folks know when I have a new column in the Toledo Free Press, but the effort this week may actually be worth reading. In "All the news fit to find" I talk a little bit about news and newspapers, something I ought to know a little bit about after 30+ years of hanging around the business. It's funny that we can all be critics of a thing while little recognizing what the repercussions its loss might bring.

But hey, if my fertilizer was all that was in the paper this week it would hardly be worth reading. Michael Miller (editor-in-chief, no less) once more shares some insight and wisdom with us in the care and rearing of children. (Where were you when I was attempting to raise rug rats Michael?) Publisher Tom Pounds shares some interesting insights on the local requests for funding from the federal stimulus package. Lisa Renee once more takes us behind the curtain to show us some of the more interesting aspects of the online world in Blog It. There are also a couple of very interesting pieces on the local Republican Party by Joseph Pellman and on Toledo's version of water negotiations as related by the Mayor of Rossford, William Verbosky Jr.

So if you aren't lucky enough to be one of those who gets home delivery, and can't manage to find the print edition in one of the local outlets, please feel free to use this link make your way over to the online edition.

(You will also find a link to the archive of my columns over on the left.)

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