Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy BIrthday Michael

Fast on the heels of the recent birthday of my youngest grandchild comes the birthday of yet another. In this case, it is in celebration of the birth of Michael. 

Though a recent addition to the clan through my step-son Joe, he is never the less the oldest child of his own family and the oldest of my grandchildren, a responsibility that he takes very seriously. Wise beyond his 14 years (and far too wise for this humble writer), he is a credit to himself and the upbringing of his parents. 

As is far too often the case over the years, I will be unable to attend the celebration being held for the young squire this year, but my thoughts will be with him and the rest of his family as he takes one step closer to a manhood which holds such promise (and the birthday card is on the way). Happy Birthday Michael, and I hope to see you soon.


Roland Hansen said...

A very happy anniversary of birth to Michael!!!
Happy birthday!

Tim Higgins said...


To paraphrase the great George M Cohan (another fine old Irishman):

His father thanks you, his mother thank, and I thank you.