Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Doing Business In Ohio Is Unhealthy

Well the word is finally getting out there on the initiative currently trying to reach the ballot known as the "Healthy Families Act". Credit should be given to the poliitical handlers again for coming up with such a friendly, compassionate, and feel-good name for what should be more rightly called the "Give Ohio a Nurturing Environment" Act. Such a name would be equally friendly, but would more accurately describe what will happen to Ohio businesses. They will be GONE. Let's set aside what the direct cost of such a law might mean to Ohio businesses. Let's additionally set aside the mind-numbing amount of additional paperwork and the state bureaucracy that will be required for tracking and enforcement (more cost). Having done so, why shouldn't we want something as compassionate as this law? Because: 
  • Business do not move to or stay in states that like to place restrictions and mandates upon them. They get enough of that at the Federal level.
  • Business owners understand how to run a business (unlike governments). They likewise understand that 'giving' this benefit will mean 'taking' something else away (oh, like health benefits, vacation, non-mandated sick days).
  • Unions support this proposal, and that's never business friendly.
  • Government is never satisfied with the level of control or interference that is has in anything. It will not be satisfied with this "toe in the door", and we will all need to be afraid of where this could go.
Now in the spirit of full faith and disclosure, I have to admit that this appeal is strictly my opinion and is by-and-large an emotional one (much like that of those pushing this legislation). There are those however, who manage much more fact-based postings, and ones providing much more and better information on the subject. This one by Maggie Thurber does exactly that. It will not only give you the gory details of what this initiative is about, but who else thinks that it's not a good idea.

As for me, I am now cancelling my plans to incorporate "Just Blowing Smoke" as a business in the State of Ohio. In spite of the fact that I am the only employee and would not qualify under the current version of the proposed law, I believe that this measure, if passed, will eventually be forced onto every employer. I am not willing to provide these paid sick days for that employee, and experience enough labor unrest as it is without tempting the fates further.

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