Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sensitivity Training

The Ohio and Texas primaries coming up in just a couple of days, and their completion will probably crown either an African-American or a woman as the Democratic candidate for the office of president. I find with all of this, that there has been an increasing concern with sensitivity to issues of race, gender, and creed in politics and in life lately. This increased focus caused me to do some prodigious pondering on the sensitivity issues that may not be getting proper media coverage, so I have decided to point just of few of them out.  

- Mexican and Chinese restaurants should now be called Hispanic and Asian restaurants to prevent any offense that such names might cause those of these particular ethnic origins.

- BET (Black Entertainment Television) should change its name to African-American Entertainment Television, as the term Black is often considered offensive.

 - The United Negro College Fund should change its name as well, as the term Negro is likewise considered offensive.  

- The people calling themselves Christians, performing rather some rather deplorable acts while protesting outside abortion clinics and family planning centers should stop using this term for themselves, lest actual Christians should become offended by behavior which goes against their very creed. 

- Notre Dame should change the names of its sports teams, as both the Irish and Irish-Americans might take offense at the name "Fighting Irish" (and punch their lights out). 

 - All bars should refuse to serve the shooters known as "Kamikazes", as this could be considered offensive to soldiers considered to be dead heroes to the Japanese during World War II. 

- The American Civil Liberty Union should change it's name to the Progressive Liberal American Group Using Everyone, as these initials seem to more closely fit the agenda that they have chosen to follow and will therefore be less offensive to those of us who believe in true civil liberty and the Bill of Rights.  

- The name "White House", first used by Teddy Roosevelt for the presidential Executive Mansion should be changed, so that minority groups could find it less offensive that nothing but old, white guys have lived in it up until now. 

- People should stop calling the Federal government of the United States a "nanny state", as real nannies are becoming extremely offended. 


Hooda Thunkit said...


"People should stop calling the Federal government of the United States a "nanny state", as real nannies are becoming extremely offended."

I refer to it as the Feral Government," for obvious reasons. . .

At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do.


Tim Higgins said...

OK hooda, but I worry that PETA will be after you for the animal abuse involved with such an insult.

Barb said...

What's wrong with peacefully demonstrating outside an abortion clinic? I have a young friend who shrieked no in protest when she got in to the abortuary room where the dismembering occurs, and she yelled to get off the table --and she claims they forced her to go through with it, treating her as a hysterical person who had to have this procedure. Reason for the abortion? live-in boyfriend already had one child he made when they were broken up for a short time--and so he didn't think he could afford two.

The city where this allegedly occured --Angola Indiana.

Anybody see the plasticized cadaver exhibit at the Cincinnati art museum --one of 8 shows touring in our country from China?
We are a people gone mad --like Nazi Germany under Hitler--with such brazen disregard for human life --as in our abortion holocaust --nearly 50 million babies now.

Tim Higgins said...


I knew that this one was going to be the only thing reacted to negatively, and I put it in anyway (just glutton for punishment, I guess). I ask you to read the posting carefully (as I always do) before trying to point out to me how wrong my opinion on abortion is.

First, I gave no opinion on abortion in any way, shape or form. When I choose to do so, you will be able to read about it.

Second, my example specifically cited deplorable behavior, something that I think that we could agree that a peaceful demonstration is not. We both know however that this is not the extent to which groups calling themselves Christians have gone in the protests, and I don't think I want or need to go into their details. They are pretty well documented, and calling them un-Christian behavior is a pretty mild rebuke.

Third, comparing abortion to the Holocaust is a dangerous thing, and may be a little weak in the fact department. I don't recall anyone being hauled off to abortion clinics in trains, nor do I recall this procedure being carried out on millions of women without their permission.

I am sorry for the woman in the example that you cited, and don't disagree that abuses have been committed on the other side as well. Then again, there is that whole "love thy enemies" and "turn the other cheek" thing to consider when dealing with their ilk.