Monday, March 18, 2013

TFP Column: The President's Irresponsible

Because of my travel last week to the land of crabcakes, I was unable to find the resources to put together my customary effort for the TFP.  Frustrated by the fact that I no longer carry a laptop with me on my travels, I was forced to scribble random notes to myself on scraps of paper while sitting in the hotel room each evening.

After finally returning to the sealed bunker that serves as the headquarters for "Just Blowing Smoke" at week's end, I was finally able to reassemble these various (and sometimes meaningless) scribblings into something now up on the TFP website entitled, "The President's Irresponsible".

You will note in this effort that I accuse the man occupying the White House of nothing, but in fact take him at his word in regard to the current situation of the nation and compare it to the definition of the term "Irresponsible" as listed in  Unfortunately an 800 word limit did not allow me to list all of the things that the Commander-in-Chief is not responsible for, but I trust that the limitations imposed by a newspaper column still allow you to get the idea.

Speaking of getting the idea, the week is only beginning.  That means you will get to look forward to getting ideas from both the mid-week 'Star' edition, as well as next week's regular edition of Toledo's highest circulation Sunday and Ohio's best weekly newspaper, the Toledo Free Press.

(Who knows, it's also early enough that I maybe the 'Chief' will allow me to offer up yet another effort beore week's end.) 

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