Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Sequestration Day!

As I continue to mull over the ramifications of Sequestration this morning (short term and long term), I have been reminded of a number of experiences in my own life.  Sequestration after all, while orginally suggested by a member of the President's staff, was in the end embraced not only by the Commander-in-Chief, but on a bi-partisan basis in both House of Congress before being signed into law.  In other words, this was a choice made eighteen months ago by a majority of our national legislature and our Chief Executive.

This and a discussion of school discipline on 1370 WSPD with Fred LeFebvre this morning, led me in turn to one of my favorite stories from High School Days:

In dealing with an unruly student one day, Father Quinn gave the young man a choice as to his punishment.  He could hold up a sheet of paper in each hand for the rest of class, or take some swats with the belt.  The student in question, thinking himself wise, chose the paper option; and stood in front of class with his arms fully entended for a few minutes before the pain of such a position set in.  

Noticing his discomfort, Father Quinn once again offered the choice, while fingering the 1" belt at his waist.  The student dropped his hands, Father Quinn readjusted his belt, and moved to his briefcase on the desk.  He then removed the 6" belt used to cinch up his Carmelite robe and gave the student in question a lesson in taking responsibility for his choices that I'm sure he still remembers to this very day.  I know that I do. 

So as begin my personal celebration of Sequestion Day, I would like to remind those in our national government.  This was a choice that you made!

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