Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy 1000th

Contrary to the popular myth, based on the picture of me in this blog, this particular effort is not about celebrating my 1000th birthday.  (That's at least a couple of months away.)  No, the staff here at "Just Blowing Smoke" decided that it was worthwhile in chronicling the history of this blog that we take at least some notice of its 1000th posting.  Of course this is not exactly the 1000th post, as careful research brought to our attention that some of the posts put up over the years have in fact been duplicated.  Nevertheless 1000 efforts is a significant bit of writing when you consider that the average length of a post is between 800 and 1000 words.  The number is even more staggering when you realize that most of those words have been produced within the almost perfect vacuum found between my ears.

For those of you along for the ride for what is over five years now, again my thanks.  For those you who have only recently joined us here, I apologize for your exposure to what can often become a rather twisted and toxic truth.  In my own defense, let me say that no matter how horrific you may believe some of these efforts are, there have been worse.  For those of you who have as yet for some unfathomable reason failed to join us, who cares!  After all, if you haven't joined the rest of this twisted bunch by now, there's certainly no reason to suck up to you now; so ........NYEH!

I must tell you that I have often considered giving up these twisted efforts at compositional fame; but every time I get close, someone writes in to inform me of how truly horrible these scribblings are; which forces me to go on out of sheer spite.  With the right coercion however, I might be convinced to give up this life of crime in favor of a more honorable profession like lawyer, politician, or CEO of a hedge fund.  (Oh please, I'm kidding.)  Actually, in spite of what is horrible timing in media, I still have vague hopes of pursuing writing as a profession, rather than as a horribly expensive unpaid hobby. In the meantime, I will continue to attempt to disappoint my audience with the same regularity and frequency that I have done in the past.  

So from the Department of Just Blowing Smoke Security, the SOS Lexicographers, the Senior Editorial Staff, and myself  (Talk about your split personality ... geez.)  Thanks for playing along with my delusional behavior.


Roland Hansen said...

One Thousand, eh, Tim. What an accomplishment! I bow to the senior scribe who with all his wit has passed on a few bits of wee wisdom.
(When I grow up, I want t be just like you, mi Amigo.)

Timothy W Higgins said...

Last time I looked mi Amigo, you were still Senior, and I was vying for the position of your evil twin.

Like you I used to wish to be like someone else when I grew up. Now however, though there is an insistence that I grow older, I have refused to grow up; and with these a desire to be less like myself in the process.