Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TFP Column: Succession in Silence

Monday Toledo's two former strong Mayors decided to hold a press conference to comment on the current officeholder's recent action to fire Department of Neighborhoods Director Kattie Bond and Housing Commissioner Mike Baddick.  Monday night, after listening to the highlights of this shabby event, I decided to sit down at the keyboard and comment on the pathetic actions of the two former Mayors.  Tuesday, Michael Miller, having calculated that I had not contributed to the madness of Toledo politics for a couple of weeks, put my effort up on the website almost as soon as it reached him.  Such is the nature of news in these days of the 24 hour cycle and the electronic newspaper.

So it is that you will find my insight into the behavior of former elected officials in "Grateful For Succession in Silence" before not only the TFP comes out this weekend, but even before the mid-week "Star" edition.

(There is also an ugly, but unconfirmed rumor that it will be reprinted in the print edition this weekend.)

Since it's so early in the week, I have the rare opportunity to recommend both to you.  With the weather turning colder, lighting a fire is probably in order (I understand that the Blade is good as kindling, though perhaps not for much else), and find out what's going on in the Glass City and NW Ohio in Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and Ohio's best weekly newspaper (3 years in a row, no less), the Toledo Free Press.


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