Friday, June 3, 2011

TFP Column: Successful Recycling

In yet another effort of misguided pity, questionable judgment, or simple insanity, editor-in-chief Michael Miller is allowing yet another of my efforts to appear on the web page edition of the Toledo Free Press. 

 This effort, "Successful Recycling", looks at the money that Lucas County, Ohio is proposing to wring from over-taxed and cash-strapped residents. One can only look on in amazement as politicians and administrators of the County trot out some recycled rhetoric in order to justify a government run recycling center that could be done far more efficiently and cheaply by the private sector (if in fact it was needed at all)

They seek to prove themselves worthy perhaps of national office with claims that adding government jobs at taxpayer expense is good for the economy, and for those under their care. While typical of the area, their efforts might be put to better use in finding a way to turn this recycled material into coverings for the empty windows of the buildings that they will be creating by such policies. 

But enough of this! Summer is upon us and those who wish to be in the know in NW Ohio will be spending time catching up on all that's going on by enjoying the glorious weather with a copy of Toledo's largest Sunday circulation newspaper (and its web-site of course), the Toledo Free Press.

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