Monday, March 21, 2011

TFP Column: The Right of Intervention

Discussion has turned a lot lately to the concept of Rights in this country. There are the inalienable Rights that are set forth in the Declaration of Independence, those outlined in the Bill of Rights in the Constitution, and a lot of other ones that people like to tack on from time to time. They include a good job, a livable wage, health care, and a bunch of other stuff that we are increasingly being told that we are guaranteed because of living in this country (or simply living).

The one that I haven't hear a lot of discussion about is the right to impose a form of government upon another sovereign people. And while I know our government likes to pick the winners and losers in business, picking the winners and losers in internal conflicts going on in other nations might be just a bit out of bounds. All of this led to this week's effort in the Toledo Free Press, "The Right of Intervention". Agree or disagree with the premise, I hope that it at least makes you think about the path we have once more started down.

As this column is going up on the website early this week, there will be lot's to see and read in both the Star edition and the regular TFP, Toledo's largest Sunday circulation newspaper.

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