Sunday, November 21, 2010

TFP Column: Rep Rangel's Shining Example of Real Change

After a short and unintentional vacation, I am back this week with an column in the Toledo Free Press. This week's effort was an attempt to analyze the recent election results by way of the House Ethics Panel hearing for Representative Charles Rangel

In an event with a plot only slightly more ludicrous than your basic TV wrestling show and with an equally foregone conclusion, this 20 term Congressman was convicted by the Committee on almost every charge laid before them. When this verdict is confirmed by the entire House of Representatives however, this scofflaw is likely to get a punishment equivalent to a 'time out' for an errant child. It is of little surprise that Congress is therefore held currently in such high esteem (an 11% approval rating last time that I looked) or that so many incumbent politicians lost their seats. 

But enough bad news already (if you choose to call it that). There is far more of note in this weekend's edition, including the story that Ohio's unemployment rate has finally dropped below 10% after more than a year, though Toledo's is over 11% and Lucas County's is only slightly lower. Michael Miller, editor-in-chief shares the experience of properly introducing his oldest offspring to the myth and majesty of "Star Wars", Publisher Tom Pounds discussing some of the recent issues before City Council, Lisa Renee Ward discusses the Council's predilection with declaring emergencies, and Thomas Berry discusses the potential minefield ahead of the Republican Party after their recent electoral gains. 

But there's lots to read about everything going on in NW Ohio in Toledo's largest Sunday circulation newspaper. As for me, I will simply settle for being thankful this weekend that there's a Toledo Free Press to give me the straight scoop and keep me up to date in the days leading up to turkey day.

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