Monday, July 26, 2010

TFP Column: Zero Sum Solution

With the addition of financial reform legislation, we see yet another ponderous, mind-numbing, and tree killing bit of Congressional interference in capitalism (apparently killing trees is OK, as long is it's done for the sake of such higher purposes).

Rather than offer any real relief from the heat however, my belief is that it is mitigation of Congressional oppression that is required. Because of a wealth of good material, my offering for the weekend electronic version of the Toledo Free Press is only now coming online. 

I therefore offer for your edification, this week's TFP effort, "Zero Sum Solution". While it may prove small comfort to offer from the heat and humidity stifling most of the country (except that winter is but a few short months away), it may prove a refreshing alternative to the hot air coming from Washington DC.

There is much more however for those of you attempting to discover what's really going on in Toledo and NW Ohio, and it can be found in this weekend's edition of the largest circulation Sunday newspaper in the area, the Toledo Free Press.


Roland Hansen said...

Ultraconservative + ultraliberal = zero.
I wonder where I read that phrase.

Tim Higgins said...

Obviously you are well schooled in the new "ultra-math".