Friday, July 16, 2010

TFP Column: Blast From The Past

Taking advantage of things going on in my current city of residence (Kansas City) and my former former (Toledo), I have discovered a rather unlikely connection between the two through a group that I hadn't heard from for years and had thought had gone the way of the dinosaur. 

In my most recent effort for the Toledo Free Press, editor-in-chief Michael Miller has allowed me to explore this connection (and to continue to pick on the Department of Justice) with a piece called "Blast From The Past" in the electronic edition of that publication. 

For those of you of with an interest in all things political however, there is a much more important piece in this week's edition. Kristen Rapin has written an outstanding piece on the current scrutiny that NW Ohio Representative Marcy Kaptur is getting in regards to earmarks and political contributions. 

It's far too hot, humid, and uncomfortable to be outside doing anything (even if it needs doing), so my personal recommendation would be to find a cool place, a cool drink, and curl up with this weekend's Toledo Free Press.


Roland Hansen said...

I would like to say, or write, something nice.
Darn! I cannot think of anything nice to say, or write.

Tim Higgins said...

And yet Roland, still you do ...