Thursday, February 7, 2008

Presidential Candidates - Royalty (?)

I find myself offended by the current crop of presidential candidates referring to themselves in the royal plural. It doesn't matter which candidate or which party they belong to, they are all doing it. Now maybe this is simply a figure of speech; but if it is, it needs to change. In spite of the fact that all of them are running as individuals (well, almost all of them) this constant referring to themselves individually as "we" is just flat-out annoying.

This country was founded on the rejection of the concept of royalty. (Are you listening Kennedys?) When the title of monarch was offered to the first president, he turned it down resoundingly. Likewise, George Washington left office after one term, lest a precedent of apparent royalty be created in the office.

So my message to these candidates is to "STOP IT". Either refer to yourself in the first person singular, or gain enough weight to allow us some reason to question .

("We" will take on the concept of athletes referring to themselves in the third person another time.)


Hooda Thunkit said...


Could the "WE" they keep referring to be the Political Collective, as in "we" vs. you?

"We are the politicians of Borg, prepare to be overtaxed, over regulated and overly annoyed with us..."


Tim Higgins said...

Please don't tell me that "resistance is futile". It's been a bad enough day already.