Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That's Not Right #5 - Dumb Politics Exposed

OK, exposing dumb politics is not really earth shattering, but I have to think that this one may just qualify for the Hall of Fame. 

What am I talking about? Bill Clinton's claim that when his wife is elected president, that the first thing that she will do is send him and Bush 41 on a tour to tell them that "America is open for business" and repair the damage done by his son's administration.

Now I'm not sure why this would be the first thing that a new president would do, that's a topic for another day. The reason that this one makes the "duh" list is this: Why would anyone think that Bush 41 would stand beside the people who pushed him out of office and repudiate the last 8 years of his son's presidency, then go out on a world wide promotional tour for them?  

I mean come on, even if he wasn't a Republican and they weren't Democrats (which he is and they are). Even if he agreed with the policies that they were espousing (which I would seriously doubt that he does). Even if he disliked his son (which I highly doubt is the case). What possess a man who has been a career politician to say on the eave of an national election that the policies that his son has pursued for eight years, and which he probably voiced his opinions on over the years, were wrong.? Why would he repudiate his own family to support his political enemies? Why would a president who was pretty savvy on foreign policy think that such a tour would do any good? 

More importantly, what would possess former president Clinton to think that saying this kind of thing in private, let alone public, would be a good idea. Sorry folks, but this one causes a person to suspend all sense of disbelief. (Hmm, seems I've heard that phrase before. I wonder where.)


mud_rake said...

Maybe it got a load off of his heart.

Tim Higgins said...

I am sure that it did, while leaving the load in his pants.

This guy is supposed to be one of the most brilliant political operators of our time, but coming out with a statement like this certainly does not add to his resume.