Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TFP Column: Under-promise And Under-deliver

"Though not a professional political operative or someone who has personal experience with running for office,  I may have an implausible bit of strategy that might work for the most desperate or reckless among you: Under-promise and under-deliver.”  

Now admittedly while the above is true, I do have some considerable experience in the concept of under-promising, from having made a career out of it.  As for under-delivering, I have little fear of contradiction as to my level of expertise in this area; having a lifetime of it to point to.  

Recommending it therefore as a political strategy in the last month leading up to an election in "Under-promise And Under-deliver" might have some actual (if rather twisted) value that can only be discovered after reading this offering on the website of the TFP.  (Besides, I've already published a disclaimer to cover any potential blame.)

The good news however, is that regardless of the quality of the writing in the column or the value of the advice contained therein, you would still be able to look forward to so much more that's to come in this week's 'Star' edition, not to mention the weekend version of Toledo's largest Sunday circulation and Ohio's Best Weekly newspaper (at least according to the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists), the Toledo Free Press.

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