Thursday, August 11, 2011

TFP Column: American Political Exceptionalism

After an unplanned and unexpected absence for a while, I am back at it with another effort published on the Toledo Free Press website. I wrote this piece in response to the final result of the Debt Ceiling Debate (on which I had written before and hopefully I will not be writing again any time soon), to the whining and clamoring mob seeking to demonize Republicans and Tea Party members for the pitful results achieved in it, and to those (including the President) who have had so much to say about American Exceptionalism recently. It is I believe aptly titled, "American Political Exceptionalism".

Let's face it, there was no exceptionalism that could be credited to this debate, nor is there much to be found in Congress these days on either side of the aisle. Oh sure, there are a few exceptional people in both legislative houses, but they are unfortunately for the nation ... exceptions. The bulk of our national legislature is a steaming mass of ... bi-partisan compromise. (I know, not the term you thought I was going to use, but it's an obscenity nonetheless.) The result is the same however, and is a recipe for the natural fertilizer that allows business as usual to grow and flourish in Washington.

The good news however, is that there are a lot more and better things getting ready to go on in Toledo and NW Ohio (I am particularly aggrieved to be missing the Hibernian Festival). The only way that you're going to know about any of them however, is to spend some time with Toledo's largest circulation and Best Weekly Newspaper, the Toledo Free Press.

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