Friday, October 1, 2010

TFP Column: Collateral Damage

Seldom in life does such a ripe target present itself to a columnist as the comments of Chris Redfern, the head of the Ohio Democratic Party, at a recent endorsement gathering of the United Steel Workers. 

Not only were the comments inappropriate to public gathering, but they speak to all that is wrong with party politics these days. Having little self-restraint in such matters, I was therefore compelled to drop a little 'smart bomb' of my own in the pages of the Toledo Free Press this weekend. 

While I feel that my assessment of the situation was correct however, I appear to have been greatly mistaken on my prognostication of collateral damage to Mr Redfern's career thus far (which is why I seldom gamble)

It would not be a gamble however to spend a little bit of what promises to be a rather rainy weekend in Toledo curled up with a copy of the Toledo Free Press electronic edition, where this piece is located. 

As usual, there is far more of interest there, including many other great pieces in the Opinion section. Of course, anyone who wants to know what's going on in Toledo and NW Ohio is sure to spend some time with Toledo's largest Sunday circulation newspaper.

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