Friday, September 10, 2010

TFP Column: Limited Liability

After taking a week off (I'm a slacker, I know), I have once again been favored to have a piece of my work placed in the Toledo Free Press this week. After reading over a recent Fox News story and looking over the polling numbers that they used to back it up, I couldn't help but be struck by the fact that the current crop of elected representatives was becoming a real liability to the health of the nation. 

This in turn cause me to wonder if the reaction of the voters in the poll might therefore be a clarion call to purchase "Limited Liability" insurance. My hope is that even if you don't agree with the conclusions, you will at least consider upping your coverage. 

As usual however, there are much better pieces in Toledo's largest circulation Sunday newspaper, including a particularly good piece by its Editor-in-Chief, Michael Miller. At a time when United Way campaigns are kicking off all around the country, his first hand look at the work being done by this group and the effect that it can have on people's lives is well worth paying attention to. 

So take a little time this weekend and catch up on everything that's going on in Toledo and NW Ohio ... I know I will.

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