Thursday, March 4, 2010

TPS Budget Meeting: The Wearing of the Green

The Toledo Public Schools have chosen to hold their next public budget hearing to discuss cuts to the system and the tax proposal that will be on the May ballot will be on March 17th at 5:30 PM, at the Start High School (2100 Tremainsville Road, Toledo, OH 43613). At first I thought the timing of this particular meeting to be rather unfortunate, as the expectations for attendance during happy hour on St Patrick's Day (and my granddaughter Maggie's birthday, which is a religious holiday for me ) would be rather low. Then it occurred to me that there might be a couple of hidden messages in such timing:
  1. Perhaps the timing is to be used as a metaphor, and the symbolism of "the wearing of the green" is simply to draw attention to the money that has been spent on public education over the years in this city.
  2. Perhaps the timing is a call to arms for Toledo taxpayers, and that like St Patrick did in Ireland, it is time to drive the snakes from the Toledo Public School System.
(On the other hand, perhaps the timing is simply to hint at the fact that the information provided will be nothing more than a bit of blarney, and that these politicians will show little more than "a gift for the gab".) 

At any rate, owing to the religious nature of the day, I will be unable to attend. My suggestion to get some additional bodies in the room considering the occasion however, would be to serve Guinness ( a beverage appropriate for all occasions) to those attending.


Hooda Thunkit (Dave Zawodny) said...

Makes me wish that I had several thousand nuns (complete with the requisite steel ruler) at my disposal.

They didn't tolerate any crap from anybody, didn't kill many unruly "students" and managed to get most of their charges educated.

What TPS needs is a whole bunch of nuns with an attitude; as I recall, they routinely used to handle class sizes approaching 70, unlike today's namby pamby so-called "teachers".

A bunch of wimps, they are...

Oh yes, of course corporal punishment (long since outlawed) would have to be reinstated ;-)

(They didn't call them the sisters of pain and pleasure for nothing...)

Tim Higgins said...

I too was educated by the nuns and have the scars to prove it. I likewise remember a priest at my high school who was the dedicated "Disciplinarian".

Imagine the consternation that such a concept would generate today.