Wednesday, January 2, 2008

That's Not Right #6 - The Voting Process

Sorry people, but this one is another of those "Thoughts While Driving" postings that seem to occur to me as I make my way down the highway of life. The fact that it strikes far too close to home should not confuse the reader with the fact that it is just a bit of nonsense. 

Have you ever noticed that we treat the sacred right and privilege to vote in this country a lot like we treat attendance to our bodily functions? Don't believe me? Well take a look at the list below and see if they don't apply to both:
  • People tend to do perform this function only when absolutely necessary and often wait until the last minute before doing so
  • This function is always done in a small enclosed space, whether it is a special room or merely a "stall" used in a public place
  • This function is always done in private, with any observance or assistance treated at best as embarrassing and at worst as offensive
  • Many people seem to make a mess of it, in spite of the number of years that they have been doing it
  • No one seems to be very proud of completing the process with the exception of senior citizens, who seem to treat the exercise of this function as another milestone of continuing existence.
  • The results of exercising this function usually result in something that stinks
Not so incredulous now, are we? Well for those who are still disbelievers, feel free to observe the next time that you are at polling place. For those who live in my current hometown of Toledo, don't bother. With the number of you that appear to show up at the polls in any given election, I will be dead long before you prove or disprove the theory that I have just set forward.


Hooda Thunkit said...


"The results of exercising this function usually result in something that stinks..."

That's what one gets from performing
an otherwise automatic, uninformed and distasteful process :-(

You get out what you put into the process.

(Let's hear it for Sheeple Power!)

Power to the Sheeple. . .

Tim Higgins said...

Well hooda,

Voting is expressing and opinion, and you know what they say about those...